Promotional Giftsof RecycledPaperand Board

Every time when you throw a piece of paper in the wastepaper basket the work of Wim Hilarius begins.

For wastepaper and board is the base for new products made of recycled board. From calendars to trucks, cars and trains as an original gift packaging for wine, chocolate and candy.

Prizewinning Designs

Wim Hilarius has been a prominent designer for more than forty years. In 2009 he received a European patent for his Viko tube. On account of the smart closure, staples or tape are unnecessary. For his board stand, truck and desk calendar he has won several awards. In 1991 the High Frequex Award in Stoneleight (U.K.) for the first recyclable stand in the world. In 2014 the Promotional Gift Award in Cologne for the press-ready-clasp of the desk calendar. In 2015 the Promotional Gift Award and the Paperazzo Haptic Nomination in Frankfurt for his truck as wine- or chocolate packaging. Time and again he thinks up new ideas he can produce in board. Hilarius Design is incomparable in designs of board with an optimal functionality and high attention value. Of all times the inspiration and the hand of the producer define the result.

Expert in Gift Packaging

Hilarius Design is specialized in: desk calendars, trucks, cars, games, puzzles, wall clocks, desk accessories, gift packaging, Viko tubes, CD packaging, golfer’s maps, document files, art files, pattern books and in- and exterior designs.

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