Frequent AskedQuestions

What is the delivery time for imprint articles?

Standard the products are delivered within four weeks after receipt of your approval of the digital proof. The desk calendars and the trucks are produced in series. For this reason the following delivery schedule is applied:

  • Week 39: delivering logo's in a.i. or eps file, photographs in high resolution
  • Week 40: you get a digital proof to submit for approval
  • Week 41: start production
  • Week 46: delivery

To which claims does my logo meet the demand?

See to it that your logo and photo’s meet the correct specifications. This prevent delay and extra costs. For the logo we prefer to get a vector file. Those are files which often end on .ai or .eps which you can’t open on your own if you don't dispose of the right programmes. Word, Excel and PowerPoint are not suitable to deliver files.

How much is the minimum number I can order?

For the desk calendars and trucks 250 units. Other 500 units.

When will my order be delivered?

After approval of the digital proof it will take five weeks till the promotional gifts are delivered at your address. Faster in consultation. Do you have questions about the delivery of your order? We will gladly help you by mail or telephone +31 6 24673620.

The product I wish for isn’t on this website, what can I do?

Hilarius Design delivers specials in all kinds and sizes with more than 40 years design experience. We like to surprise you with an original promotional gift of board.


We deliver every order with great attention. If you are’nt satisfied, please contact us. Together with you we will try and find a suitable solution.


When we get an order a digital proof is submitted for approval preceding the printing process. This digital proof is stringent. After approval Hilarius Design is not legally liable for accidental misprints (text mistakes, printer’s errors, wrong illustrations, colour differences, etc.)


If you have found a fault in the die-cutting, take a photo of the wrong die-cutting and mail your photo to Send three wrong products to Hilarius Design, Rozeboom 68, NL 1541 RK Koog aan de Zaan. Then we will check what is wrong. Together with you we will try and find a suitable solution.


On receipt of the photo and the wrong products the complaint proceedings will last one week. Within that time you will get our answer.